The New Year Had Just Begun.

We could hardly stay awake past 9:PM. We are ‘kinda’ old.

Lyndon Kessler
3 min readMar 6, 2022

The ‘Early Bird Gets The Worm’ syndrome kicked in. (Oh, holy cow, I’m going to be 74 in three weeks?) So I grabbed a cup of coffee and hooked up my external Hard Disk to do my annual archive. The archive took less than thirty minutes. What next…?

Applications I use every day, all day, are native to my Mac. Last year, I discovered that I had too many applications that I could quickly delete — no longer needed. My Mac-native Calendar application and the Notes app are all I need to track my To-Dos and my daily production status with notes and an accessible journal for each day.

Screen Capture of my iCal Feb 2022

My February 2022 calendar shown above indicates several scheduled activities.

  1. Income triggers an automatic activity to pay bills and transfer a percentage to savings. (our monthly Social Security payments and my CalPERS pension income.)
  2. We have company arriving from the 18th through the 21st that coincided with a scheduled ceremony our company would attend with us.
  3. On the 22nd, a scheduled Zoom Meeting is on hold for the email link before noon.
  4. My daily Agility/Endurance exercises get moved to the next day when finished. I repeat my writing schedule Monday through Friday.
  5. My wife has company on the 25th while I start our annual truck registration and pay the fees online.
Screen Capture of my Notes App Template

The Screen Capture above I developed over the last 6–8 months is the template I use every day. While creating the template, I discovered it is a RARE day to get three things done. I am lucky to get two things done. Life Happens.

Screen Capture: Monday, Feb 21

Above is my Notes App for Monday, the 22nd of February. With our guests, we attended a Dusk to Dawn ceremony. Grueling! Liberating! We waited for over two years of the global Pandemic. We completed our long-delayed ceremony at last!

I use the Notes section in my template, much like a journal. On the rare days that it rains in the desert, I track the weather. There are sub-sections for reviewing the day and planning for the following day. I am enrolled in On-Line writing classes with my email client. I can copy my class lessons and paste them into the notes section for easy reference while practicing my class lessons. The copy and paste from email is a great help for On-Line lessons and learning new skills.

During the last few years, using my Calendar and Notes Application, my reliance on separate ‘ToDo’ applications diminished to where I started deleting them. A bonus effect of deleting unused applications has positively impacted my budget. Reviewing my application subscriptions adds more money to my pocket and saves space on my computer — Win-Win for me.



Lyndon Kessler

I am a Vietnam Vet, my wife and I retired to Arizona December, 2013 after a lifetime living in California. I use Apple computers since 9/11.