Please, Don’t Drain the Swamp

Swamps are a living, critical environment.

Rachel C.

Instead of draining swamps, we should be taking steps to protect them by way of protection strategies.

Swamp protection strategies include preventions to eliminate toxic untreated sewage flows into swamps. Rainstorm drain and retention and collection systems to allow filtering out toxins and trash. Return clean, pure water into the swamp ecosystem.

What about the Washinton DC swamp?

According to the National Park Service, 98% of the Washington DC area was NEVER a swamp.

  • Top-Down power structures, The Top Dog, runs everything
  • Corporate and Private money fuels toxic ‘swamp syndrome’


Just as in a natural environmental swamp, filter out toxins and trash.



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Lyndon Kessler

I am a Vietnam Vet, my wife and I retired to Arizona December, 2013 after a lifetime living in California. I use Apple computers since 9/11.