A story idea.

From watching Television commercials?

Lyndon Kessler
1 min readAug 19, 2021
Photo by Mick Haupt — Unsplash

Standard Broadcast Television is worse than bad. It is not just a “Vast Wasteland”. It is a vacuum. And it sucks like a flush toilet sucks. Your brain goes down the drain.

I was looking for story ideas from television programs. There was nothing to see or hear. My mind wandered into an internal dialogue about how awful Broadcast Television is.

One thing that took me from the mindless doldrums was commercial advertisements. Wait! It was the structure of commercials that I was seeking.

My favorite commercials are for Insurance. Go figure!

A man with a giant bird selling insurance?

The ad was one minute long. It had the elements of “Micro-Fiction”.

It had a hook, a line, and a closing statement: “Don’t pay for what you don’t need.” Perfection.

Amazing! This from watching Television.

Remember: Don’t get what you don’t need.



Lyndon Kessler

I am a Vietnam Vet, my wife and I retired to Arizona December, 2013 after a lifetime living in California. I use Apple computers since 9/11.